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by Lao Tzu, with commentary by Rory B Mackay

New Edition Now Released

Another new release is the second, completely revised edition of my version of the Tao Te Ching, complete with commentary on all 81 verses.

This ancient book of wisdom has never been more accessible whilst retaining the authenticity and poeticism of Lao Tzu’s words. Considered by many to be the wisest book ever written, it’s truly a life-changing companion

Available in Paperback and Ebook from Amazon and many other booksellers.

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New Edition Now Released!

Don’t miss the brand new, third edition of this visionary fantasy/sci-fi epic!

Caught in the crossfire

of an ancient war,

an entire world burns.

The only hope

for past, present and future

is an orphaned boy

being hunted for a

gift he never wanted.

Combining a fantasy quest with time travel, alien invasions, dark sorcery and themes of loss, courage, betrayal, and redemption, this is a multi-dimensional page-turner, pushing the boundaries of storytelling with a subtle yet mind-expanding exploration of the nature of life, death, the universe and reality.  LEARN MORE!

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