two universes, one destiny...

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Two Epic Novels

Four Short Stories



“This guy knows how to write. I’ve had the privilege to review his work, and he’s going to be big. From page one he fully captured my imagination with vivid worlds and wonderful characters and settings. ”

“Wow...just wow... This was a hard book to put down...Rory's writing grabbed my attention from the first chapter and held it through to the very last page. The way he sets the scenes and carries the reader through the adventurous twists and turns is nothing short of brilliant.”

“This story simply makes my heart sing as the meaning of human existence is brought to our attention in this beautiful, richly and intensely woven tale.”

Eladria is an accomplished debut novel by an author who puts a lot of thought into his work, both in terms of plotting and the strong underlying themes and metaphors.”

“Really well paced and exciting. The characters are three dimensional and they grow, change and develop as the story progresses. The descriptions set up the feeling of alien lands nicely and the story gets into the action straight away. It hooks the reader immediately and keeps them hooked until the end.”

“Timeless, Thought-Provoking, Brilliant, Exciting, Beautiful, Adventurous, Fanciful, Wise, Complex, and woven into it all is a stunningly simple twist that you won't see coming.”

Destiny will change forever...

A dying world.

A fugitive princess.

And a search

for the power

of the gods.

Rory Mackay’s debut novel, published by Cosmic Egg Books is a fast-paced fantasy/sci-fi adventure packed with twists and turns. Learn more and read excerpts here!

What if you could


the universe?

Caught in the crossfire

of an ancient war,

an entire world burns.

The only hope

for past, present and future

is an orphaned boy

being hunted for a

gift he never wanted.

Brand new edition published May 2017! Learn more here.

These short story preludes to ELADRIA and THE KEY OF ALANAR add additional depth and insight to the novels and they are yours to download for FREE!

Click here to download now.




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